KEI(Kyosashimono New Tradition Project)

KEI is a trademark of modern Kyo-sashimono. Kyo-sashimono means traditional and industrial arts and crafts at Kyoto in Japan.

"KEI" shows such traditional technique.

Japan had a custom: that people planted paulownia trees when they had daughters

in order to arrange about chests and dressers for future brides. They rarely have such a custom now.

UMENODESIGN started the project of making modern bride's tools in which new Kyo-sashimono techniques are seen.

Every tools is carefully handcrafted.

Paulownia tree is good at moistureproof,fireproof,air tightness,and is the lightest of all Japanese trees.

KEI will be developing techniques of Kyo-sashimono.


Generally, Sashimono means to joint with board to board, board to stick and stick to stick.

And an another opinion, to use the MONOSASHI(which means measure) The origin of Kyo-sashimono comes from China and Korea .

Where the bowl or a statue of Buddha were made with stone or metal . In Japan,

made with wood. The capital moved to Kyoto from Nara in A.D.794. Over 1,200 years since then ,

the culture of industrial arts has been developing.

In Kamakura-Muromachi era, it reached high-grade stage. At the time, Sen-no-rikyu who established

Sa-dou(one of Japanese tea culture) was fond of a technique of plain wood manufacturing. Kyoto has been the center of industrial

arts and has contributed to develop it to all Japan. Now,

Kyo-sashimono has the pride of high technique and technology.

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