KEI 調味料入れ

KEI 調味料入れ

KEI Spice rack

SIze:W290 D120 H150
Material:Paulownia(urethane coating)、Brass(gold plating)

■Paulownia wood characteristics and benefits

・Paulownia wood has luxury texture and excellent capabilities. Different from other woods, paulownia
 has tiny air layers which give the wood a high heat resistance. It is often said that paulownia chest
 drawer are safe even if left in a fire. (Safe money box were made of paulownia in the old days)

・Paulownia contains ingredients that repel insects (tannin, paulownin and sesamin).
 For this insect-proofing property, a paulownia box is best suited to store foods to keep pests away.

・Paulownia has a capability to maintain a constant humidity. It prevent moisture during summer and
 protect items inside from mold, while prevent dryness during winter. This is because the container
 and the lid swell and shrink since the tiny air layers inside the paulownia absorbs and releases
 moisture. This way, it naturally maintains the best humidity.

■ Masterly craftsmanship by skilled traditional artisans.

・You can find various products made of different kinds of wood but the important factor of wood
 container is air tightness. KEI's products are made by Kyoto's artisans of "Kyo-Sashimono”,
 a traditional wood joinery technique certified as traditional crafts. Each one of them are handmade
 at Kyoto's workshop. To make high air tightness products, the surface of paulownia wood is carefully
 planed to make delicate adjustments.

■ A new way of utilizing paulownia wood

・Paulownia wood is said as the lightest wood in Japan. Weight is an important factor for the users.
 Paulownia wood containers are not just for storing foods but also known that they keep the item
 inside in a "best condition". It retains taste, flavor and aroma of the food and protects from heat or
 cool air in a refrigerator. KEI will continue to provide one of a kind products to introduce the great
 paulownia features.  We wish you to try one of our product.

・All prices are VAT is not included.
・As products are handmade, the dimensions may vary slightly.
・On the relation of natural wood, please understand some color difference.
・Please confirm the price before purchase, as listed prices may change without notice.
 It may become necessary to change prices due to, for example, the changing economic situation, etc